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About Us

Learn more about ABC Home Care and why we are a great choice to fulfill your home care needs.

About Us

About ABC Home Care

Our organization was created with one mission in mind…

To provide the highest quality care and to enhance the lives of seniors and people with disabilities in the comfort of their home.

We provide custom home care from personal care, daily activities, to help for people with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia.

An important aspect of our home care agency is that we have a true passion for caring for people. We believe that every person we care for deserves nothing less than complete respect and compassion.

We also take pride in paying attention to every detail of our clients’ care – from the simplest concerns to the most important ones.

Lastly, we customize our home care services to fit your loved one’s exact needs. Our free no obligations case review provides the information we need to generate a care plan that laser targets the clients’ preferences and needs.

Our Services

Non Medical Home Care Services

ABC Home Care offers non-medical home care, including companion and personal home care services to elderly seniors. We also care for adults and children who may be recovering from illness or a debilitating surgery. Our experienced and compassionate caregivers are totally committed to delivering the best care that meets or exceeds our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our Caregivers

The caregivers at ABC Home Health Care Services are highly qualified professionals in the field of senior care. They are thoroughly vetted and insured. This allows our clients to have the best possible caregiver experience. Our vetting process includes exhaustive background checks, which includes criminal background probes and drug and sex offender violations.


We ensure our staff is always up-to-date with the latest home care training and education. This education focuses on areas such as client safety, nutritious meal preparation, specialty care and other important subjects.

No Worries About Taxes & Insurance

Because we recruit and directly hire all our caregivers, our clients never have to be concerned about federal and state taxes, Worker’s Comp and liability insurance.

COVID-19 Preparedness

We have a policy of ensuring that all our caregivers follow federal guidelines for COVID 19 safety.

Why We Chose Home Care!

We take pride in being a family owned and locally established business. Our passion in being a home care provider is to make a difference in people’s lives. Our employees and staff have worked in meaningful roles as nurse aids to hospital volunteers. We know the challenges seniors and people with disabilities encounter daily. We believe in treating individuals with respect and helping clients live with dignity in their homes. Caring for loved ones can be incredibly challenging for family members who are multitasking with careers and raising children. Family caregivers can feel overwhelmed and experience burnout.  

We found that providing personal caregivers can help restore the equilibrium in family caregivers’ lives and enhance clients’ qualify of life. We provide compassionate care in our customized plan by adjusting services and prioritizing requests. Ultimately, home care is rewarding all around for our clients, their families, and caregivers as well.

Another passion of ours is to contribute to our northern Georgia community. We strive to provide employment and work experience to our community members. Our philosophy is to treat people as individuals, support people during their life stages, and help people to our best ability.

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